Malaak Compton-Rock: The Angel Rock Project

What about giving back by promoting the act of giving back? Much like part of the intention of Celebrity Optimist, Malaak Compton-Rock’s organization, The Angel Rock Project, is set up to do the same thing. Wife to comedian Chris Rock, Malaak captivates her own audience.

The Angel Rock Project is described as an “e-village promoting volunteerism, social responsibility, and sustainable change.  [It] includes valuable information on how to volunteer, advice on making monetary or in-kind donations, links to life-changing service organizations, recommends wonderful products that you can purchase to sustain third-world artisans, and suggests corporations who donate a percentage of proceeds to worthy non-profit organizations.”


The Angel Rock Project includes several humanitarian efforts and include the following: Journey 4 Change, a part of the project which expands its catalyst for change to reach a global scale in encouraging youth to help others in need, worldwide. It is a “global volunteer exchange program for at-risk youth; Brooklyn Services aiding youth in the borough of Brooklyn, New York through partnerships with The Salvation Army Bushwick Community Center; Child Abuse Awareness and prevention through the Champions for Children Campaign, Hurricane Katrina Relief by aiding families and children devastated from the storm through partnerships with The Children’s Defense Fund’s Freedom School in the 9th Ward of New Orleans and Bonita House of Hope in Houston, TX; South Africa Programs, which includes projects in Johannesburg (Diepsloot) and Soweto, South Africa focused on educational and micro-finance projects; and raising awareness and funds for Triple Negative Breast Cancer in conjunction with The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation.”


And so, when it comes to giving back and infusing positive change into your surroundings and your world, there are so many ways to invest in yourself, by investing in others.


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