Kris Humphries: The Kris Humphries Foundation

While Kris Humphries may be in the spotlight for preparing to be Kim Kardashian’s groom, we at Celebrity Optimist think he’s a star for his hands on approach with his Kris Humphries Foundation.  The recent NBA New Jersey Nets Forward turned free agent created the foundation in order to “provide resources for, and assistance to community organizations that serve disadvantaged youth. [Their] focus and vision is in the areas of health, education and wellness.”


Just about a week ago, the foundation had one of its Summer Basketball Camps in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Kris’ home state. The summer clinics are focused on making sure the children in attendance know how they should be  “developing healthy eating habits at a young age, staying physically active, teamwork and being a good student.”


The Kris Humphries Foundation works closely with the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club of Minnesota and New Jersey.


One thought on “Kris Humphries: The Kris Humphries Foundation

  1. Kris, keep nailing those shots from the baseline and righteous love for your kids in the foundation.
    Let’s go for a beer, found a great company for you with little tiny pieces of plastic that stop ground loops in recording studios and live audio installations.

    Your brother,

    Mike C.


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