Bright Idea: Spreading the word on something you hear about that can help others

If anyone knows me, or is a friend on Facebook or finds me on Twitter, they know that I love reading, information and passing it along. I love to share breaking news (politics, economics, entertainment, etc) and I have always been this way. I suppose that is a huge part of why my love for words and information turned my hobbies and passions into my career choice of journalism! (More on that on my website.)

On the news today, I caught a portion of a story about a new study regarding car seats. The report mentioned findings linking toxins to the materials with which baby and children’s car seats are made. I got online and researched the study more and found that according to the non-profit Ecology Center at, “while some seats were found to be virtually free of the most dangerous chemicals, over half (60%) contained at least one of the chemicals tested for.”

These toxic chemicals are said to be linked to allergies, birth defects, impaired learning, liver toxicity, and cancer. On top of that, they remind us that babies are the most vulnerable to exposure as they are still in a state of development and sensitivity.

They have posted several images and charts in order to help parents and caregivers understand which car seats are best for their children. For example:


To find out more about this study, and to find out more about toxic substances in other everyday products, you can visit their website:


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