Hosea Chanchez: Watch Me Win!

If you are a fan of The Game, now airing its fifth season on BET (Black Entertainment Television) after not having home for some time, you will also be a fan of Hosea Chanchez (who plays football star Malik Wright) and one of his missions in life.

Hosea explains it this way: “In a world where right is wrong and wrong is right, where bad trumps good and beauty trumps talent, my fear is fear, so I choose not to. My strength is God so I come equipped. My faith is my armor so I wear it daily. My choices determine My out come, this is our world and this is my gift to you to “WATCHYOUWIN”.”

According to the website for the charity, the movement is dedicated to the youth of America and along with its numerous programs and resources, it aims to make a better and more empowered life for them. Programs include career development and training, mentorship and leadership development, legacy and wealth building, and other empowerment seminars and forums.


As an AfterBuzz TV Host, I had the chance to speak to Hosea while he was on my fellow AfterBuzz TV hosts’ The Game after-show. After asking him about his character on the show, I told him about this blog and about his charity, Watch Me Win! Here is what he had to say:


Specifically about his charity:

To learn more about Hosea Chanchez’s charity, Watch Me Win, you can go to the official website!



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