Bright Idea: Take a moment to explore something you’ve always wanted to

As I decompress from a busy and productive week in New York City, I smile to myself, grateful for the opportunity to explore. While here on business, I was able to enjoy a change of pace, change of scenery, and a change in perspective. In meeting with various clients in the publishing, broadcasting and merchandising worlds, I was able to see the industry I am in through their eyes. Not only was it eye-opening and refreshing, but it was inspiring. Because of it, I have added to my goals and to my direction.

What are some of the things you are doing to broaden your horizons? What have you always wanted to do, but have put it on the back-burner because of time constraints, laziness, or simply because you are fearful that you will actually succeed?


One thought on “Bright Idea: Take a moment to explore something you’ve always wanted to

  1. I recently had a moment like this. As a college student, I was just doing some homework and I just realized that the work was too easy! I mean sure I am succeeding but I’m not pushing myself to be something more. So, the very next day I applied for a journalism internship at my local paper, I was interviewed to become and Executive Board member in the Honor’s society I am in (and I got it!) and I am just working to push myself out of my “Zone” and to become something more. Thank you for the post!


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