Halle Berry: “What A Little Love Can Do” Jenesse Center, Inc. Project

While many are focused on the latest news about Halle Berry‘s engagement, Halle is engaged in a project seeking to help create a safe haven for women and children victims of domestic abuse. A project she has created through the Jenesse Center, Inc., a domestic violence intervention program, she was inspired to remodel some housing units, to create a safe space for women and children to get the resources they otherwise don’t have access to, including new clothing and emotional support. Victims of domestic violence and abuse sometimes have to flee their situations at a moment’s notice, so for there to be a place for them to land safely, is a comfort, to say the least.


Through the “What A Little Love Can Do” project, Halle personally funded and contributed to the renovating of 2 out of 15 apartment units in the housing shelters. As seen on the Jenesse Center website, Halle is looking for the public to get involved in helping to complete the renovations so that more victims of domestic abuse can learn what it is to feel safe again.

With a wealth of information on the Jenesse website about the project and how to get involved, there are also very helpful links on recognizing abuse, how to stay safe and everything in between. To find out more about “What A Little Love Can Do”, there is a video on the website that shows how Halle and the team at the Jenesse Center, transform four walls into beautiful and welcome living spaces.

Here is a video from 2008 which gives more insight into what the Jenesse Center, Inc.’s vision is:

(Source: Jenesse Center’s YouTube page)


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