London 2012 Olympics-inspired Bright Idea: Fight for a dream

The emotion behind the 2012 Summer Olympic games has been powerful, and not just among the athletes. One of the differences this year has been the increase in popularity, over the years, of social media. While newsrooms debate the idea that Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, including Linked In, are ruining the Olympics for some people, in terms of spoiler tweets, for example, our focus is on the solidarity the nations have demonstrated, virtually, in supporting their teams!

One of the names we hear about so often is that of Olympic Gold medalist, gymnast Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas. She has won the hearts of her fellow Americans, as well as spectators worldwide. We’ve seen her dynamic personality, matchless work ethic and endless perseverance. Where does she get her strength, passion, and tenacity? Procter & Gamble, sponsor to mothers of Olympians, created this video, which gives us an idea.


(Source: Procter & Gamble YouTube Channel)



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