Featured Optimist: Garz Chan gives back through her handbag creations

I had the pleasure of meeting Garz Chan about a week ago and aside from having great conversations about life and creativity, it was the way she carried herself that intrigued me. She’s ambitious, kind and has a certain edge to her that complements her warm nature. As friends and I chatted with her, there was something else about her we all noticed, almost at the same moment – her handbag! It was a cute bag, a denim bag that was just the right size to hold without causing a dent in your shoulder (we ladies know we pack as much as possible into our bags!)! I chimed in with all of the compliments, but then also asked if she made them for others. Much to my delight, she said yes, and I was an instant customer! A few examples of her bags are below.

When we met up again and I told her about this blog, she mentioned that part of the proceeds for her handbags went to two charities! 25% of the cost goes to nokidhungry.org to end child hunger across America.

25% of the cost goes to shineonsierraleone.org to help build schools and hospitals in Sierra Leone/North West Africa.

And so, this Featured Optimist is one to watch as she continues to not only give back through her handbag creations, but as a human being. Imagine, she also offers a service for busy mothers where she cooks them a nice meal when they otherwise may not have time to. Cheers to you, Garz!


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