Special Post – Giving back through sharing…words…

Have you ever thought about the idea that one of the easiest ways to give back to others is one of the most powerful? How, you ask? Through your words!

Sometimes all someone needs is an ear, and other times, it’s their ear they need to lend. Sometimes we end up in situations we feel isolated in. Sometimes we need advice, inspiration or a mere chuckle but either don’t want to disturb anyone, or simply keep to ourselves because it’s what we know and it’s comfortable.

I don’t know how many times I have spoken to a friend, or reached out to someone because they crossed my mind and they have said, “How did you know I needed to that?” I was reminded of the several times I have done that when I was talking to my hairdresser, Jenae, the other day. She was telling me a story about how she reached out to someone in the same way, and it was just on time, for that person.

I’ve had this idea for an interactive blog for a long time (among other ideas) and I have initiated it as a Facebook page. The page is called, “Checking In”.

Hi All! It’s been quiet in here for a while…just wanted to awaken some dialogue and invite you to share your thoughts on a new page I started…would love to hear from you all! Please feel free to “like” it and share it with friends!

“Checking In” Facebook Page

“Checking In” was inspired by the idea that sometimes we just need to take a moment to stop and reflect on things, whether it be on the moment, the day, year or on life! Sometimes “checking in” with yourself inspires others to do the same, and when you share your insights, the inspiration can potentially reach people whose thoughts mirror yours.

“Checking In” is intended to be an interactive platform of thoughts, lessons, insights, and whatever else is on your mind, with respect to the topic(s) being discussed.

Please feel free to invite your friends to be a part of this ongoing dialogue…

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from all of you!


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