CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute

This afternoon, I had the opportunity to be in the audience for the live show, CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute. It was hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper and its goal goes hand in hand with our mission here at Celebrity Optimist. While our goal includes shifting the focus to the positive things celebrities do with their platforms, we also regularly feature the everyday people who are giving back to their communities, their nations and the planet. Today’s show was just that – a celebration of the everyday people who are changing our world, and deserve recognition, as well as support.

It is so hard to narrow down heroes like these ones, for there are countless selfless people out there making changes every minute of every day, but who both are not recognized for it and are not seeking the recognition. Kudos to CNN for recognizing the 10 Heroes they selected for 2011, and opening the world’s eyes to this idea of supporting those who are giving of themselves for others….as Ice Cube said, these are the real celebrities.

Here they are, as featured on Celebrity Optimist’s twitter feed (@CelebOptimist)

  1. If you love football, and love a good hero story, follow @gridironheroes and Eddie Canales’ story.
  2. Taryn Davis exudes strength. Support @AmericanWP and RT to give her cause even more awareness!
  3. Sal Dimiceli is helping lift America up, one impoverished family at a time.
  4. @GlobalSoap is saving lives with the simplest tool – soap! Thank you Derreck Kayongo, you’re our hero!
  5. Not a dry eye for Diane Latiker and her light that shines in a place of
  6. @BumiSehat takes care of mothers & babies, providing them with a safe haven.Cheers to Robin Lim!
  7. Merci Patrice Millet pour ces efforts avec des enfants d’Haiti! (Thank you Patrice Millet for his efforts with the kids in Haiti!)
  8. Kudos to the chef! Chef Bruno Serato that is! Feeding kids daily & from the heart!
  9. @WorldAccessP is making mobility an option for those in need! Richard St. Denis is a change agent!
  10. @infinitefamily‘s Amy Stokes is a connector.Linking South African kids to the world,via technology.

Click on each website address to find out more information on the organizations these Heroes represent, to support them, or to be inspired yourself, to start a new movement!

To learn more, you can use these CNN resources:

Twitter: @CNNHeroes



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