Featured Optimist: Paul Carrick Brunson shares a touching story of love and inspiration

Mentor, entrepreneur and TV Host Paul Carrick Brunson is no stranger to an inspiring story. The other day, he posted a moving story in memory of his dear friend, Alicia Bertine, who recently lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. In a heartfelt tribute online, Paul was able to capture the beauty of Alicia’s spirit along with her life and love story.

Paul met Alicia in 2011 when they were filming “Lovetown, USA” on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network. The reality documentary series showcased a community in Kingsland, Georgia, as they worked together to complete a challenge; the community’s challenge was to focus on and become more loving in 30 days. In Alicia’s episode, his assignment was to help her find love. While Paul and the show’s team decided to alter their assignment with Alicia and maximize their aid in her professional endeavors, life took her to her true love in other ways.

Paul’s tribute highlights Alicia’s positive outlook. “Throughout the years, her battle with the disease became grueling but she never stopped being optimistic, she never stopped laughing, and she never stopped smiling,” Paul wrote. “She was a source of personal inspiration for me.”

To read more about Alicia’s unexpected journey to her one true love, read Paul’s touching message, below.

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This past Sunday, my dear friend Alicia Bertine passed away. I met Alicia in 2011 while filming LoveTown for the Oprah Winfrey Network. She was casted for me to help find love. During the shoot, she unveiled she had pancreatic cancer and given the heavy regime of drugs and treatments, we collectively decided to shift our focus from searching for romantic love to supporting Alicia in her professional endeavors. After the show ended, she became a spokesperson for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Throughout the years, her battle with the disease became grueling but she never stopped being optimistic, she never stopped laughing, and she never stopped smiling. She was a source of personal inspiration for me. As a twist of fate, as she entered her final chapter in life, she met a man who was completely opposite from who she had asked me years prior to look for. However, Andres Silva turned out to be more caring, considerate, loyal, and kinder to her than anyone she had ever met. He loved her, fully…and she loved him, fully. They were inseparable and became each other's soulmates. While they didn't have a lifetime of memories together, I know they wouldn't trade the months they did have for anything. Romantic love is one of the most fascinating aspects of life. I've found it comes at the most unexpected times from the most unexpected places. Rest In Peace, Grace, & Love sis. #aliciabertine #cancersucks #soulmates

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